Rebranding Personal Brand

A new start

For the pass 4 years, my personal brand as been ``, it has been that because when I was just starting out I wanted to display to future opportunities, I was programmer and every piece of code I would write, was written by me. But since then times have changed and I have realized that I am not coding isn't really my thing, even I like coding but its something I wouldn't want as a fulltime job or a career. In the past year I have definietly realize that I do really like doing things related to server side related things. So I made a switch in career to focus on more of server side related things, but I still like doing coding time to time, so instead of changing into only Operation career I decided to switch into a DevOps Engineer. As I felt DevOps was the perfect combination of work. I learned alot of about DevOps at my very first job out of college, at SennaLabs, and I really enjoyed doing it. It felt much more rewarding than coding all day and there are so many new opportunities in DevOps to work with.

So my new and improved brand I decided to go with ``. The reason for and not or something similar is, well first of all I wanted a .dev domain name 😅. Then I wanted to represent that I am a ops guy first and then a dev guy. So for the pass few weeks I have been changing most of my handles in to, so now my Github is sidopsdev and so is my Twitter handle. also have a new design if you having noticed! Its now designed to be more readable as I have planned on writing blogs on the regular. I aim to write blogs on topics on many on tech and the tech I will write about will mainly be on those that are seen on the homepage header. Now I am no professional in all of that stuff but as I learned new things I will try and share about it regularly on here. I also plan to keep updating the site with more info about more other things so do check regularly checking here out!