RubyConfTh 2019

I attended RubyConfTH 2019 and you won't beleive what happened!!

On September 6-7 of 2019, was the very first RubyConf in Thailand! As I, a Ruby enthusiast, I decided that I would love to attend the event. It was two days of very interesting topic and therefore I'd like to share some highlights and my thoughts.


This very first event took place at Pullman King Power near BTS Phayathai. Location was accessible as it wasn't too far from BTS. As there weren't any parallel talks there was only one conference hall, the room was large and nice, on the right of the conference hall was a small section for tea breaks and on the left was windows that looked outside which was curtained up. The seat were okay, and the stage was nice and big. I usually sat in the back, It was easy to see the screen and the speaker from the back.


The food provide by the Pullman was good, it was international buffet so there was lot options for all attendees at the conference. I really like the Chicken Masala that was served, I wish I had overeaten on the Day 1, cause it wasn't served on Day 2 😅. Unfortunately, at least for my taste the Thai food wasn't that great, then again most hotels can't seems to get Thai food right.


For a first time Ruby event in Bangkok I believe there were many great sponsors. The main three sponsors were GoJek, Omise, and Nimble. The other sponsor were Gitlab, Rapid River, Jetbrains, Nexmo, Matestack and many partners. The main event was organized mainly by Ruby Tuesday Bangkok gang, also known as Bangkok.rb, which is a meetup happening at the last tuesday of each month. Which also for the past year had been organized by Nimble.


Swags, the main part of why most people attend Tech conference. The swag that came with the ticket was sticker, a RubyConf T-shirt, and provided by Gitlab lanyard and the goodie bag.

Here are all the swag I got from the event ticket and sponsor. { Doesn't include the t-shirt from GoJek, and the macbook wasn't the swag but the stickers on it}

Aside from the swag from tickets, there was a lot swag from the sponsors. Gojek had stickers and tshirt, Omise had a bag, stickers and tshirt, gitlab gave out sticker, and laptop camera covers, Rapid River had sticks, tshirt and a duck for Rubber duck debugging, Jetbrain had stickers and tshirt, nexmo had t-shirt, 10 pounds off on their services and stickers and Nimble had bottles and books. Also gummy bear tech recruitment gave out gummy bears.


The event consist of two day of in total of 23 talks in mostly about Ruby, there was alot about Kubernetes, Software Engineer, Community and GraphQL. I was expecting talks about Elixir or Crystal but I guess there wasn't any good talks proposed. Here are briefs about all the talks that I really liked.

Day 1

The first day of the event was the longest out of the two, as there were 12 talks and also a small segment for sponsors to promote themselves. Also on the first day there was a party but unfortunately I wasn't able to attend that.

Opening Keynote

The opening keynote was from Tim Riley, his talk was very nice and interesting. Well he used his example but I do believe it can be with any language. One concept I really like is about how coding is like an rpg, we can do it alone but dealing with problems its easier with a team. Also he talked about dry.rb and hanami.

Beyond REST

The second talk was from Vipul Am, he talked about using GraphQL with Rails. This talk has inspired to really try to use GraphQL for a simple side project.

How to collaborate and keep healthy culture in a full-remote company

The next talk I really like was a talk from Gitlab, Jarka Košanová, she talk about how Gitlab has been successful with a fully remote company, and I believe every company that wants to try to remote should a tleast have a look at how Gitlab does remote working.

Data Science in Ruby? Is it possible? Is it Fast? Should we use it?

This talk about from Rodrigo Urubatan, he talk about his experiment doing Data science with Ruby and comparing it with Python, in the end he came to a conclusion that Ruby is great for business logic project and you can do Data Science with Ruby but Python still is better that Ruby for doing Data Science.

How to get to zero unhandled exceptions in production.

The next speaker that I really like was from Radoslav Stankov, he talk about doing exception handling for rails apps on production and how where he works, Product Hunt, they kept every Friday to be the day to handle all the exceptions. Which I think is a really good idea.

Practical Guide to Discourage your Boss from Migrating into Kubernetes

Finally after so long wait there was the only Kubernetes/DevOps related talk. This speaker is Giovanni Sakti, who is a system engineer at GoJek. He talk abouts maybe not all apps need to run on Kubernetes, which is something I agree with very well, yes the tool is amazing but a startup app wont need to run kubernetes at day one.

How we use service objects to make our apps clean, composable, maintainable, and testable.

Finally the last speaker I really like from day 1 was from Gabriel Fortuna, he talks about using service object, which I believe is a very underrated feature in Rails. One the fascinating about this topic was how fast he can type.

Day 2

The second had 11 talks and unfortunately I missed the first three talks because I had over slept 😅.

Security Issues on Your Ruby Code

This was the first talk of the day I managed to attend. This talk was from Harley Davidson, no the not the motorcycle manufacturer, but an dude named Harley Davidson. He is a security expert, he talks about how to check for security issues in our Ruby apps. There was a lot of useful information to keep in mind when developing our Rails apps.

Handling file uploads for a modern developer

This talk was given by the creator of Shrine.rb, there was a lot of interesting things about doing file uploading. I also learned about uppy which seems like really useful library for file upload. This talk definitely convinced me to use shrine instead of carrierwave for file uploading.

Start your own engineering apprenticeship program

The speaker of this talk was Elle Meredith, she talked about how companies need Senior level developer but there aren't just enough senior developer to go around so she basically talk about creating a apprenticeship program in our work place to bring new or junior developers into becoming senior developers. Which is something I agree, I still believe in someway I am still a junior developer even though I like to referred not as junior, but it is definitely hard for companies to hire senior, yet won't hire junior even though there are so many junior developers and I believe almost every company should have some sort of a apprenticeship program, even if the program is a bootcamp style.

Smaller is always better

The speaker wasn't a small person but a very tall man named Phil Nash, he is a Developer Evangelist for Twilio, and he talked about how he was trying to get perfect score in Google Developer Audit for his blog and how he over engineered his site and different compression to tool to get a perfect score. I learn a lot of interesting thing in his talk.

Closing Keynote

The last/closing talk of the day was given by Saron Yitbarek, who is a founder of CodeNewbie, which is a resource I used when I just getting started as a developer. She talks about how to create a amazing community. I think this was one of the best talks of the day.

Everyone at the end of the event. {Not my picture, took it from the RubyConfTH Facebook Page}

Closing Thoughts

I definitely think this event was very successful and I hope to see RubyConfTH 2020. Actually I would love to be a part of next RubyConfTH, so if next happens then most likely I will be a part of it.